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    First, Fast, Fearless

    First, Fast, Fearless

    First, Fast, Fearless

    How to Lead Like a Navy SEAL

    by Brian Hiner

    Brian “Iron Ed” Hiner tells what it’s like to be a SEAL and what shapes the intense sense of sacrifice, teamwork and mutual commitment they share. From his own 20-year career as a Navy SEAL and his hands-on experience of commanding hundreds of strategic combat missions and operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and across the globe, Hiner extracts business leadership lessons that can help leaders isolate what’s most important, especially in stressful times.

    What You'll Learn

    • To develop your personal leadership brand.
    • Rise to the call of leadership when it counts the most.
    • Establish and communicate crystal-clear goals.
    • Enhance team innovation and problem solving under pressure.
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