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    Change (the) Management

    Change (the) Management

    Change (the) Management

    Why We as Leaders Must Change for the Change to Last

    by Al Comeaux

    In Change (the) Management, Al Comeaux outlines the behaviors, mindsets, and outdated approaches to change that managers and leaders have and the way they derail lasting change in their teams and organizations. Leaders will be equipped with a toolset for successfully managing change in their organizations— and a detailed list of habits and behaviors to avoid that can stand directly in the way of real and lasting change.

    In This Summary You'll Learn:

    • Six enemies of change that stand in the way of lasting transformation.
    • Four methods for becoming allies of change.
    • How to pull employees than push them towards change.
    • How to model change in your organization to inspire long-lasting emotional connection and long-term impact.
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