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    Bringing Out the Best in People

    Bringing Out the Best in People

    Bringing Out the Best in People

    How to Apply the Astonishing Power of Positive Reinforcement

    by Aubrey Daniels

    Many managerial fads, promising quick fixes have come and gone, but none have approached the success experienced by organizations that have employed Dr. Aubrey Daniel's groundbreaking motivational methods. Bringing Out the Best in People provides the latest and best motivational methods currently in use at such major companies as Xerox, 3M and Kodak. Daniels, describes practical, precise, data-oriented methods to help you implement a management system that will maximize the long-term performance of every aspect of your company.

    What You'll Learn

    In this 8-page text and 20-minute audio summary of Bringing Out the Best in People, you will learn:

    • How to create effective recognition and rewards systems in line with what today's employees want.
    • How to stimulate innovation and creativity in new and exciting ways.
    • When to apply reinforcers - and how to tailor them to meet individual employees' needs.
    • A powerfully positive system for gaining maximum performance from every employee.
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