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Disciplined Entrepreneurship

24 Steps to a Successful Startup

Disciplined Entrepreneurship
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The need for entrepreneurs will only grow. The step-by-step approach in Disciplined Entrepreneurship will allow intrepid entrepreneurs to quickly and efficiently iterate their way toward the best solutions. Whether you are a first-time or repeat entrepreneur, Bill Aulet offers the tools you need to improve your odds of making a product people want – and need – to buy.

In this summary of Disciplined Entrepreneurship, you will learn:

  • To create valuable specificity by focusing on one market opportunity that you can dominate.
  • To quantify the unique value you bring to your target customer - and how to translate that value into profit.
  • To design and build your product in the most efficient way possible.
  • To overcome common obstacles in getting your product adopted by customers.
  • To identify and test key assumptions.
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