The most effective leaders use every speaking opportunity to influence and inspire. They make every formal speech, presentation, phone call, and elevator conversation a leadership opportunity. They realize that their power lies less in any title they hold than in their ability to move others.

In this Soundview Live webinar, How to Lead Every Time You Speak, Judith Humphrey puts communication squarely at the center of leadership, and shows you how to lead when you speak. She provides a template for speaking as a leader every time you interact with others, called The Leadership Model.

Available: audio recording, video recording, summary of Speaking As A Leader

About the Speaker
Judith Humphrey

Judith Humphrey is a communications expert and the founder and former CEO of The Humphrey Group. This company teaches clients all over the world how to communicate successfully in high-stakes interviews, media events, presentations, and Q&A. She has built her career around coaching professionals at all levels on how to create clear and compelling narratives. In addition to The Job Seeker’s Script, Judith has authored many books including: Speaking as a Leader: How to Lead Every Time You Speak; Taking the Stage: How Women Can Speak Up, Stand Out, and Succeed; and Impromptu: Leading in the Moment. She also is a regular contributor to Fast Company.

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