4 Non-Obvious MegaTrends That Matter After A Pandemic

What if you could predict the trends that will change your business?

For the past ten years, Rohit Bhargava’s signature annual Non-Obvious Trend Report has helped over a million readers discover more than 100 trends changing our culture. You don’t need to be a futurist or innovator to learn to think like one. In this Soundview Live webinar, Bhargava explains how the key to growing your business or propelling your career lies in better understanding the present.

About the Speaker
Rohit Bhargava

Rohit Bhargava is one of the founding members of the 360 Digital Influence group and a Senior Vice President at Ogilvy Public Relations, one of the world’s largest communications agencies. Describing himself as a marketer in a PR agency, he believes that personality matters and that telling people you are marketing to them is a good thing. Before joining Ogilvy, Bhargava was Executive Producer at Leo Burnett in Sydney, Australia.

For the majority of his career, Bhargava has been a hired marketing expert offering creative thinking and new ideas, and has worked on developing marketing strategy for more than a hundred brands, including launching dozens of marketing programs for products, from breakfast cereal to laptops, and causes, from heart disease to world hunger.

Bhargava also authors the top-rated Influential Marketing blog where he has written more than 500 posts and been featured in media worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal, BrandWeek, Fast Company, The Globe & Mail, Marketing China (China), and AdWeek (Australia).

Mr. Bhargava lives in Washington, D.C.

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