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Creating the Future with Curiosity, Creativity, Rebels, and Crazy Ideas

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Speaker: Max McKeown

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Do you ever feel stressed? Of course you do. One way we cope is to lower expectations, but we miss what may make us stronger. Max McKeown’s book, #NOW offers valuable insights into an alternative. We always live in the present but carry the anxieties of the past and concerns of the future with us. Yet, you can only directly think, do, or change anything at the point of now. Realizing this, you can learn to transform your life with every moment. #NOW helps you to embrace the fullness of everyday life.

Soundview Live brings you this special video webinar where behavioral strategist, scientist, and author Max McKeown presents his demonstration of how to nurture a Nowist mindset by discovering the power of your #NOW that enables you to take action, make decisions fast and effectively, and enjoy the moment while creating a successful and happy future.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to live better in the #NOW
  • How we can all be more effective and happier when thinking on our feet
  • How spontaneity can be a better influence on work and happiness than endless worrying about past and future

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About the Speaker:

Dr. Max McKeown is a best-selling, award winning author and artist who seeks to make complex ideas practical for the real world. His research focuses on how to increase the successful adaptability of individuals, teams and organizations. He has also has an MBA and Doctorate from Warwick Business School. He has also earned an MSc in Psychology and is a member of the British Psychological Society.

Combining cutting edge strategy and management science with pragmatic wisdom, wit and pop culture, he pinpoints how the most resilient people inspire all-important, trust-filled, make-a-difference energy from their people.

He has written several books, including award-winning The Strategy Book, The Innovation Book, Adaptability, #NOW, The Truth About Innovation, and Unshrink The People.

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