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How to Integrate Brand and Culture to Power Your Company

Date: Thursday, June 21 - 1PM ET
Speaker: Denise Lee Yohn

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Independently, brand and culture are powerful, unsung business drivers. But Denise Yohn shows that when you fuse the two together to create an interdependent and mutually-reinforcing relationship between them, you create organizational power that isn't possible by simply cultivating one or the other alone.

In this Soundview Live webinar, Yohn provides the audience with a roadmap from her best-selling book, Fusion, for increasing competitiveness, creating measurable value for customers and employees, and future-proofing their business. 

What You'll Learn:

  • How top companies achieved their successes
  • How to align and integrate your company’s brand and culture
  • How to create measurable value for customers and employees
  • How to future-proof your business

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About the Speaker:

Mary Abbajay is an acclaimed and sought after public speaker, organizational consultant, facilitator, and trainer. She is the president and founder of Careerstone Group, LLC, a professional development consultancy that delivers leading-edge talent and organizational development solutions.

Through her 20 years of leadership experience, Mary helps clients develop the strategies, skills, and sensibilities needed for success in the 21st century. Her expertise lies in helping clients create dynamic and productive workplaces that foster professional and personal excellence and growth. In short, she is committed to creating workplaces where both the organization and the individual can flourish.

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