Soundview Live

Strike a Better Balance Between Life and Work

Time: Thursday, May 20th, @ 1pm EDT
Speaker: Dr. Andrew Temte
Career & Self-Development
Work/Life Balance

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Join us for an exclusive webinar with President and Global Head of Corporate Learning at Kaplan, Dr. Andrew Temte. In this Soundview Live webinar, Temte offers insights from his new book, Balancing Act, exploring the characteristics required of a new generation of leaders who must find balance between strength and vulnerability; confidence and selflessness; passion and measure; single mindedness and inclusivity; determination and curiosity; and leadership and followership.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to identify and curtail organizational entropy
  • How leaders can facilitate a culture of trust
  • How to realize the benefits of a diverse organization by fostering a culture that encourages everyone to bring their ‘whole self’ to work.
  • How embarking on a continuous improvement journey can result in more balanced individuals, teams and organizations.

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About the Speaker:

As President and Global Head of Corporate Learning, Dr. Andrew Temte, CFA, spearheads Kaplan’s efforts in helping employees remain relevant in the future world of work, as well as in helping companies continuously improve by attracting the right talent and upskilling/reskilling their workforce. A thought leader on issues related to professional education and workforce skilling, Dr. Temte has been published and cited in a number of media outlets. Dr. Temte earned his doctorate in finance from the University of Iowa with a concentration in international finance and investment theory. He holds the CFA designation and has over 14 years of university teaching experience in the areas of corporate finance, investments, and international finance.

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