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Surviving Workplace Uncertainty

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Speaker: Phil Buckley
Career & Self-Development
Change Management
Career Success & Advancement

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Join us for an exclusive webinar with change management expert, and author of Change On the Run, Phil Buckley. The only thing you can rely on in today’s workplace is uncertainty. Being successful in change is not about being perfect; it’s about being fast and effective so you can move onto the next task or challenge.

In this Soundview Live webinar, Phil Buckley offers guidance on how to navigate your way through change and disruption. Buckley will show you how he applies his 80/20 rule - honing in on one action that will deliver 80 percent results in 20 percent of the time, with key steps to achieving it.

What You'll Learn:

  • How the 80/20 rule enables change management
  • Why an 80/20 action is the best strategy when faced with common change challenges
  • Examples of how you can use the 80/20 approach to manage yourself, your work and others during workplace transformations
  • Change tasks and challenges where you could apply the 80/20 rule

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About the Speaker:

Phil Buckley is an award-winning author, public speaker, facilitator, and senior change management professional with over 32 large-scale change projects under his belt?including co-leading global change management for the $19.6 billion Kraft Foods acquisition of Cadbury. For the past 25 years, leaders and teams across the US, Canada, and the UK have relied on him to help them drive performance through change. From mergers and divestitures to culture initiatives and systems implementation, he has seen and handled it all. He is also the author of Change with Confidence, and host of the Change on the Run podcast which you can find, along with his blog and monthly newsletter, at

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