The Key to Personal and Professional Change

May 17, 2019

Struggling inner-city kids. Dismayed girls in Sub-Saharan Africa. Disillusioned business veterans. What do these seemingly unrelated groups of people have in common? Each has had their life dramatically altered for the better––the by-product of a newfound sense of self. Each developed a more robust identity.

Identity, with its unique ability to reveal our better angles, breeds confidence sufficient to fuel desirable change. The Power of Identity takes the central principle (identity) from author Bill Wiersma’s groundbreaking book The Power of Professionalism and deepens its application to individuals and organizations alike, demonstrating how identity is a powerful agent of change in every aspect of a person’s life.

When it comes to higher-order development, identity has a dramatic impact on choice and behavior. But identity’s real magic lies in its unique ability to ignite one’s value system in a personal way.

Identity-based development is an idea whose time has come. The Power of Identity promises to be as transformational as Wiersma’s prior work.

The Power of Identity will show you:

  • Identity’s vital role in behavior change and decision-making: how an identity refresh, aided by a personalized identity profile, can jump-start one’s outlook and confidence—even in dire circumstances.
  • Why the advent of identity-based development promises to disrupt leaders’ thinking about their approach to development and change management.

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