Culture is the Key to Business Success

February 2, 2021

From disengaged employees to underserved customers, business failures invariably stem from a culture problem. Many leaders and managers struggle to get a handle on exactly what culture is and its pervasive impact throughout an organization. Some try to change the culture by publishing a statement of core values but soon find that no meaningful change happens. Others try to unify the culture around a set of shared goals but find their efforts backfire as stressed employees throw their hands up because “leadership just doesn’t get it.”

2021 Best Book

In The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change, acclaimed culture transformation expert and global executive Siobhan McHale shares her proven four-step process to demystifying culture transformation and initiating positive change. McHale walks readers through the process to culture transformation, including how to analyze where your culture is broken, reframe roles within your company, break deeply embedded patterns, and consolidate gains.

With The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change, watch your employees go from followers to change leaders who drive an agile culture that constantly outperforms.

In this Soundview Summary of The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change, you will learn:

  • How to dispel common myths about organizational culture.
  • The four groundbreaking steps of the Culture Disruptor.
  • The key difference between behaviors and patterns.
  • Compelling stories of companies with winning cultures.
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