Create a Cohesive, Collaborative Workplace Culture

July 17, 2019

Companies spend millions on legal compliance training and initiatives to eliminate workplace drama and the resulting low morale and lawsuits, but don’t always get the results they want. In The Drama-Free Workplace, attorney and HR expert Patti Perez explains the secret to avoiding all forms of drama, legal exposure, and low morale: a healthy workplace culture.

Perez debunks common myths, including the belief that a focus on legal compliance leads to a healthy workplace culture. (In fact, it increases the likelihood of getting sued). She also helps organizations understand the causes of and solutions to problems related to sexual harassment, bias and diversity, and ethics lapses; practice fearlessness, fairness, and freedom; anticipate and prevent situations that give rise to drama; and use emotional intelligence to communicate persuasively about sensitive topics.

The practical tools in The Drama-Free Workplace will help all your employees feel valued and motivated, and keep drama, disengagement, and lawsuits away.

Read our summary of The Drama-Free Workplace to learn:

  • The root causes of workplace drama and the best strategies to address them.
  • The importance of authenticity for creating true inclusion.
  • How to use emotional intelligence to keep drama away.
  • How to design and deliver effective training programs.
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