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The book Trust.: Responsible AI, Innovation, Privacy, and Data Leadership offers a comprehensive framework for leaders to align their data practices with their organization’s mission, create an ethical data culture that runs on trust, keep reputational, legal, and financial losses at bay, and ultimately improve the bottom line through responsible AI implementation. By deploying her insights from advising Fortune 100 companies on digital innovation, data privacy, strategy, and artificial intelligence, Author Dominique Shelton Leipzig helps leaders truly understand their customers, monetize data opportunities, and streamline processes using responsible AI, all while boosting customer trust and ensuring legal compliance in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

In this Executive Book Summary®:

  • Key strategies to implement data in your company.
  • Manage complex data dilemmas and maximize data value.
  • Steer your organization toward data-driven profits.
  • Lead with a legally compliant data transformation program.
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