The Heart of Innovation

A Field Guide for Navigating to Authentic Demand
# 15min reading time / 27min listening time
About the Summary

The constraints on economic growth and development are clear and significant. In The Heart of Innovation: A Field Guide for Navigating to Authentic Demand, authors Matt Chanoff, Merrick Furst, Mark Wegman, and Daniel Sabbah tackle this urgent challenge with the novel approach of examining the demand side of innovation through the lens of a deeply layered understanding of human behavior. The result is a comprehensive guide to assessing “authentic demand” and a powerful new tool for innovators. In the same way that the emerging study of human behavior fundamentally altered economic theory, we now have insights into how blind spots, biases, and false assumptions can impact innovation. This book introduces valuable concepts anyone can use to avoid some of the thinking errors that commonly thwart the creation of new products.

In This Summary, You Will Learn:

  • How to get unstuck with authentic demand.
  • The three types of innovation.
  • Four issues that get in the way of innovation.
  • Why unconditional positive regard is a key to innovation.
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