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    Working GlobeSmart

    Working GlobeSmart

    Working GlobeSmart

    12 People Skills for Doing Business Across Borders

    by Ernest Gundling

    Gundling presents a toolkit of the 12 global people skills that international managers, or anyone working with global partners, must acquire. These include interpersonal skills (eg. establishing credibility), group skills (eg. negotiating) and organizational skills (eg. managing change).

    What You'll Learn

    • Why people skills are the most frequently overlooked issue in cross-border business.
    • How to interact with people from cultures that are more relationship-oriented, indirect, or hierarchical than the culture in the United States.
    • How to listen to, look for, and understand what is not being said.
    • How assumptions about the supremacy or "correctness" of our own culture holds us back.
    • How to interact one-on-one with foreign partners as well as in team and group environments.
    • How to implement your global strategy and vision on the ground, where it truly matters.
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