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    Well Said!

    Well Said!

    Well Said!

    Presentations and Conversations That Get Results

    by Darlene Price

    Face-to-face communication proficiency has become increasingly important in efforts to increase business. It has been said that information and technology alone do not sell — people do. In Well Said! Darlene Price presents field-tested techniques, guidelines and checklists to help you present yourself and your message with clarity, credibility and confidence. When you demonstrate effective presentation skills, decision makers are more inclined to listen, customers are more inclined to buy, and employers are more inclined to notice.

    What You'll Learn

    In this summary of Well Said!, you will learn:

    • How to stop worrying about protecting your presentation and start connecting with your audience.
    • Ways to organize your presentation with persuasive logic and an effective structure.
    • How to ensure a dynamic, confident delivery every time that will engage and involve your audience.
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