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    Stealing Your Life

    Stealing Your Life

    Stealing Your Life

    The Ultimate Identity Theft Prevention Plan

    by Frank Abagnale

    Before the age of 19, Abagnale had successfully conned millions of dollars worth of checks while posing as a Pan Am pilot, doctor and legal prosecutor. Years later Abagnale has changed roles. In his current career, he works with the FBI and corporations as an expert on counterfeiting and secure documents. Everyone is a potential victim of identify theft –– who is better to point out identity theft schemes than a former forger?

    What You'll Learn

    • Who is at risk for identity theft.
    • Why you should avoid offers that appeal to greed or fear in exchange for personal data.
    • How to monitor your credit report regularly and know if anyone's been "knocking on your door."
    • How to identify the people stealing identities.
    • Why you should read privacy statements carefully and choose to opt out of sharing information whenever possible.
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