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    Nanotechnology and the Big Changes Coming from the Inconceivabley Small

    by William Illsey Atkinson

    Since the beginning of the industrial age, many machines have grown steadily smaller even as they have grown more powerful and complex. Nanotechnology, based on a new science of the infinitesimally small, takes technology beyond most popular definitions of reality, to a realm of molecular machines, cell-sized computers and other astounding possibilities. In Nanocosm, technology consultant and writer William Illsey Atkinson reveals a spectacular view of the immediate future of nanotechnology and its applications in medicine, computing and engineering and countless other arenas that affect our world, redefining how we work, play and live.

    What You'll Learn

    • What nanotechnology is and why it's so important.
    • How to understand the concepts behind the hype so that you can make informed decisions about whether to support a particular nanotech initiative as an investor or venture capitalist.
    • How countries around the world are investing in nanotechnology, helping to provide a first boost to research that can result in the commercialization of promising nanotechnology.
    • What changes are possible in the next few years, including the possibility that drugs can assemble themselves and cause minimal side effects and how engineers will build mega-structures with strength and stability.
    • How to tell the nanotech charlatans from the real scientists.
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