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    Making Strategy Work

    Making Strategy Work

    Making Strategy Work

    Leading Effective Execution and Change

    by Lawrence Hrebiniak

    While formulating strategy is a challenge, executing that strategy can be an even greater challenge. In Making Strategy Work, Lawrence Hrebiniak offers a comprehensive, disciplined process model for making strategy work in the real world. This model covers every key success factor of effective execution, including organization structure, coordination, information sharing, incentives, controls, change management, culture and the role of power and influence in the process.

    What You'll Learn

    • How does a company's strategy drive its selection of an optimal structure? In general, the greater the company's relatedness across products or services, the more likely it is that the company will centralize.
    • What is the relationship between culture and execution? Culture reflects and affects the ownership that individuals feel for execution-related goals. A company's levels of management commitment and ownership are excellent predictors of executional success.
    • Why does good execution begin with good strategy? It's not true that good execution can overcome bad strategy. Typically, poor strategy results in poor outcomes and major frustrations as managers work long and hard in futile attempts to execute that which is not executable.
    • How do incentives and controls support strategy execution? Incentives motivate behavior to achieve the execution outcomes you want. Controls provide feedback about performance, thus reinforcing execution methods, providing corrective mechanisms, and facilitating organizational learning and change.
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