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    Make Their Day!

    Make Their Day!

    Make Their Day!

    Employee Recognition That Works

    by Cindy Ventrice

    Make Their Day! zeroes in on what you — the manager, supervisor or team leader — can do to truly make your employees feel valued. It lays out proven recognition tactics that will provide a genuine, lasting boost for your business. Author Cindy Ventrice also demonstrates that integrating the intangible rewards people crave — praise, thanks, opportunity and respect — into the daily routine is far more effective than typical recognition awards, events, perks and privileges.

    What You'll Learn

    In this summary of Make Their Day!, you will learn:

    • How to offer recognition that works.
    • How to create an environment where people feel valued.
    • How to build the cornerstone of recognition: relationships.
    • How to look past superficial symbols and focus on what really matters.
    • How to create memorable recognition that improves employee commitment.
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