Halee Fischer-Wright

Halee Fischer-Wright is a partner of CultureSync who began her career in pediatrics and has since become a leading expert in not only healthcare but also general business and management circles. Prior to joining in 2005—where she heads up projects related to financial services, education, high-technology, healthcare, and entrepreneurial ventures—Halee spent the previous 10 years wearing multiple hats as an owner, manager, and physician at Foothills Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in Denver, Colorado. She has served on several executive hospital boards and is currently President of a 400-physician group in Denver.

With a focus on balancing quality with profitability, Halee initiates programs that build values-based partnerships in client organizations. She also helps businesses create high-performance teams with energy, purpose, and motivation. She holds an M.D. from the University of Colorado, a Masters of Medical Management from USC, and a Certificate in Executive Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University. Dedicated to her passions in both medicine and business, she continues to serve on faculty at the University of Colorado as an Assistant Clinical Professor, as well as teach executive programs at USC.

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