How Leaders Can Move Teams from Isolated to All In


In this Soundview Live webinar, authors Ryan Jenkins and Steven Van Cohen present insights from their book, Connectable, about how tackling the issue of worker loneliness head-on can transform an isolated workforce into one that’s happier, more engaged, and more productive.

What you'll learn
  • How to identify lonely or burned out employees
  • How to build psychological safety within a team
  • How to create environments of belonging and inclusion
  • How to cultivate meaningful connections across team members (in person or remote)
  • How to build committed, driven, and high-performing organizations using the authors’ proprietary 4-step Less Loneliness Framework™
About the Speaker
Ryan Jenkins

Ryan Jenkins, CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional™), is an internationally-recognized keynote speaker and three-time published author. He speaks all over the world to companies such as State Farm, Wells Fargo, FedEx, Liberty Mutual, and John Deere. For a decade, he has been helping organizations create engaged, inclusive, and high-performing teams by lessening worker loneliness and closing generational gaps. Ryan’s top-ranked insights have been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and The Wall Street Journal. He is also co-founder of, the world’s first resource fully dedicated to reducing worker isolation and strengthening team connections.

Steven Van Cohen

Steve Van Cohen, MSOD (Master of Science in Organizational Development), is a global leadership consultant, executive coach, and two-time published author. He has worked with hundreds of leaders from organizations such as Salesforce, The Home Depot, Komatsu, Bank of America and Bridgestone. He has spent his career helping organizations humanize their businesses by creating workplaces where people come first. Steve has been featured in Forbes, Association for Talent Development, and Training Magazine. He is also co-founder of, the premier resource dedicated to lessening worker loneliness.

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