Discovering and Developing Greatness

Can you spot the leaders in your company? Don’t assume you can identify them by their positions. What about those employees who consistently step up: the field agent who solves a previously intractable problem; the service rep who thinks outside the box and creates unshakable customer loyalty?

In this Soundview Live webinar, Discovering and Developing Greatness, Scott Edinger and Laurie Sain cast a fresh eye on what it means to be a leader, with insights on how to locate and nurture the people who take initiative, act courageously, and get the job done right. These are hidden leaders whose everyday performances deliver the competitive advantage you need.

About the Speaker
Scott Edinger

Scott Edinger is the founder of the Edinger Consulting Group, a blogger for Harvard Business Review and Forbes, and the co-author of The Inspiring Leader. He is a recognized expert in helping organizations achieve measurable business results. Prior to starting his consulting firm, Scott served as executive vice president for the leadership consultancy Zenger Folkman and as senior vice president of sales for Huthwaite.

Laurie Sain

Laurie Sain is a professional writer and consultant, whose clients span virtually every major industry and include Fortune 1,000 companies such as Apple, IBM, the Union Pacific, Weyerhauser, and Charles Schwab Corporation. She leads clients through strategic planning at the conceptual level, and then develops realistic executive and front-line solutions that enable each company’s vision to thrive. Laurie was formerly the director of content for Ninth House Network.

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