Differentiating Your Company Through Strategy and Talent

In this Soundview Live webinar, Differentiating Your Company Through Strategy and Talent, Steve Van Remortel, author of Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream, presents a proven process that will increase your sales and profitability by implementing the fundamentals of strategy and talent. The combination of simultaneously improving on strategy and talent creates individual, team and organizational breakthroughs. He helps you discover what you do better than anyone else and turn those discoveries into tangible benefits that draw and keep the ideal customers. You’ll learn how to effectively develop your talent, building a high performance team into disciplined, accountable evangelists for your company’s competence and strategy.

Available: audio recording, video recording, summary of Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream

About the Speaker
Steve Van Remortel

Steve Van Remortel, creator of Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream, educates and inspires business leaders on how to differentiate their organization by applying the fundamentals of strategy and talent. Steve’s passion is to provide all business leaders a simple step-by-step planning process they can implement into their organization to optimize its performance.

As a passionate business strategist, Steve focuses on the powerful combination of a differentiated strategy and skill-set aligned high-performance team. As an owner and leader in manufacturing and service companies, Steve learned first-hand how to develop and execute a business and talent management plan that led to record performance. In 1999, Steve founded SM Advisors and has since created a library of more than 100 strategy and talent methodologies.

He is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) and holds degrees in Marketing and Organizational Communications and an MBA in Strategic Management. To date, he has personally completed over 1,000 planning sessions in more than 300 different industries.

Steve is motivated by helping business leaders accomplish their professional and personal objectives. He speaks regularly to business owners and leaders regarding two of his passions in life – strategy & talent.  He lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he was named 2010 Business Person of the Year.

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