Letting something grow on its own rarely brings the desired results.

In this Soundview Live webinar, Award-Winning Results Don’t Come Naturally, Jones Loflin draws principles from the process of growing award-winning apples and helps participants apply these "orchard" principles to their own situations, creating the opportunity to "grow" the future "blue ribbon" results most desired by themselves and their organization.

Available: audio recording, video recording

About the Speaker
Jones Loflin

Drawing on skills honed as an educator, business owner, and speaker, Jones Loflin has created and conducted training programs for groups ranging from international corporations and trade associations to governmental agencies and educational institutions. Jones’ insightful programs make an impact instead of an impression because they regularly include the use of humor, powerful examples and frequent audience involvement. His client list includes Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Bridgestone, US Airways, Siemens International, Federal Express, The US Navy and a host of other international business and education-related organizations. Jones is President of Helping Others Prepare for Excellence, a business meeting the training and development needs of individuals and organizations.

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