An Introduction to The Innovation Mindset


In this Soundview Live webinar, Jennifer Kenny, author of the book The Innovation Mindset, shows you exactly how to cultivate a culture of collaboration and measurable shared value and why it wins over rigidly-controlled operations every time.

In This Webinar, You Will Learn:

  • To better understand the role innovation plays in fostering team success and leading excellence in employee engagement.
  • Selections from the Six-Step Practice Model that will help you discover the innovative drive within yourself and then harness it to build a cooperative ecosystem designed to celebrate unplanned discoveries.
  • How to implement practices that will drive greater innovation, differentiate your products and solutions through better innovation, and maximize the innovation capacity of your team.
About the Speaker
Jennifer Kenny

Jennifer Kenny is a master of innovation practices with 25 years of experience mentoring industry leaders towards high performance and optimization. Kenny has spearheaded transformational systems and design programs for a diverse portfolio of technical clients such as Cisco, IBM, Wells Fargo, Intel, and Capital One. With a background in science and engineering, Kenny was formerly CIO at Stanford Research Institute International and a robotics research leader Toyota Research Institute. Born in Ireland, she now resides in the Bay Area and travels internationally as a speaker, writer, workshop leader, and mentor on the topics of Human Innovation, Design Thinking, and Regenerative Leadership.

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