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  • Holding Yourself Accountable in Leadership

    One of a leader’s top responsibilities is holding others accountable. That entails setting clear guidelines, communicating goals and objectives, following up to ensure fulfillment of responsibilities, providing feedback on performance, and coaching those whose performance is not satisfactory. However, a leader cannot expect to hold others accountable successfully if they are not holding themselves accountable […]

  • Choose to Be Accountable

    You empower yourself when you choose to be accountable. You are choosing to take charge of what happens in your life, rather than giving that choice to others. In this Executive Edge, we examine personal accountability, finding out what motivates you, choosing to ‘play big,’ and committing to success as you envision it for yourself. […]

  • Why Accountability Counts

    Too often organizations have so many corporate objectives that it’s hard to choose the top results they need to achieve. Accountability sorts the chaos, helps align expectations and improves effective decision-making. This issue of Executive Edge looks at accountability’s role in facilitating organizational change and the benefits of developing a culture of accountability. At a […]

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