Productivity for a Better Life, Not Just a Better Career

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We all understand what productivity is. It’s doing more, accomplishing more, and getting more out of our allotted time in a given day. Productivity is the way we turn ideas or goals into finished products. But that all describes what productivity is, not what productivity is for. That’s where we often miss the point. Productivity isn’t about what you’re able to give your business or your employer, it’s about what you give yourself. When you’re more productive, you give yourself the gift of more time. When a task that once took you eight hours is now accomplished in four hours, you’ve given yourself four more hours in your day, your week, your life. Productivity allows you to do what matters to you, and do it well. With that in mind, this Edge features three excellent books – The Time Management Solution, Better in 52 Weeks, and The Quantum Method – on productivity filled with actionable steps for transforming your life for the better.

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