Turn the Tables on Digital Disruptors

September 3, 2019

The story of disruption in the digital era is almost mythical: The Silicon Valley whiz kids sweep in with agility and new ideas, attacking the established pecking order. In every industry, customer loyalty is up for grabs, long-term leaders are on the defensive, and yesterday’s skills are no longer enough.

But the story is changing. Goliath’s Revenge describes how established businesses can stop focusing on the threat and start recognizing the unique advantages of their position. By following six new rules of innovation, you can reset your company’s strategy to become a digital disruptor and carve out your future leadership position.

Stop trying to mimic the disruptors, and reclaim your rightful place at the top of the business hierarchy. The six rules will help you break out of the “me too” trap by identifying the strengths that are unique to you and your organization.

Even in this age of digital disruption, established leaders already have the advantage. Goliath’s Revenge will teach you how to use it.

A few of the many takeaways in Goliath’s Revenge include:

  • Discovering the six rules of Goliath’s Revenge and how to use them.
  • Learning the importance of crown jewels and how to identify them.
  • Determining why your company needs to pursue both Big I and Little I innovation.
  • Figuring out how to use networks to accelerate innovation.
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