The Cold, Hard Truth About Sales Negotiation Tactics

May 8, 2020

Each year, sales professionals leave billions of dollars on the table because they are outgunned, outmaneuvered, and outplayed by savvy buyers. Because today’s buyers have more power than ever before―more information, more at stake, and more control over the buying process―they almost always enter sales negotiations in a much stronger position than the salespeople on the other side of the table.

2020 Best Book

In Inked: The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Closing and Sales Negotiation Tactics that Unlock YES and Seal the Deal, Jeb Blount levels the playing field by giving you the strategies, tactics, techniques, skills, and human-influence frameworks required to become a powerful and effective sales negotiator. He teaches you exactly what you need to know, do, and say to gain more control and more power over the outcomes of your deals, and win.

Unlike other negotiating books that ignore the reality sellers face in the rapid-fire, real world of the sales profession, Inked is a sales-specific negotiation primer. It’s the most comprehensive negotiation resource ever developed for the sales profession. Let Inked help you win today.

In the Soundview Summary of Inked, you will learn:

  • The seven immutable rules of sales negotiation.
  • How to use motivation, leverage, and power position in your negotiation strategy.
  • Powerful negotiation psychology and influence frameworks that keep you in control of the conversation.
  • The importance of sales negotiation planning and communication.
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