Office at Home (1985-Style)

April 8, 2020

If you need a break from the news, we invite you to go back … to the future with us.

In the age of shoulder pads, water cooler chats, and Marty McFly, working from home was far from “the norm.” But Soundview proved to be ahead of its time, publishing a summary of the book, Office At Home by Robert Scott in October 1985. Ring any bells?


Surprisingly, a lot of the info in this summary about setting up shop at home in 1985 still resonates today. From the positive aspects of convenience and saving time and expenses on commuting, to tips to avoid procrastination and implement better time management tactics.

Not so surprisingly, you’ll find some entertaining potential hurdles detailed as well:

“Ask yourself, ‘Can I really profit from a computer?’ Usable systems range from $2500 to $5000”,

“Conducting a Search: Use your public library to get started”,

“Cordless phones: Useful if you must move around in your office while telephoning”.

Check out this vintage book summary (complete with Soundview’s vintage design) and go back to the year 1985 to see what’s changed about working remotely (and what hasn’t!).

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