Knock Out the Noise to Get Ahead

February 28, 2020

In the current digital age, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stay focused. Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, and other devices constantly vie for our attention. We are constantly bombarded with tweets, likes, mentions, and a constant stream of information.

2020 Best Book

Not surprisingly, attention spans have gotten shorter. Already being pulled in a dozen directions every minute, managers and business leaders often struggle to address important issues and to focus on everything that needs attention.

Noise: Living and Leading When Nobody Can Focus teaches managers and leaders how to help themselves and others sharpen their focusing skills. In this follow-up to his first book, Brief, author Joseph McCormack helps readers cut through the static and devote their attention to what is important.

Noise is a valuable resource for leaders and managers seeking to develop laser-sharp focus and apply it to everything they do.

Our executive summary of Noise will show you:

  • How to avoid becoming a casualty of “weapons of mass distraction.”
  • How to understand how noise compromises short-term and working memory.
  • How to apply effective techniques to hone your focus and reduce interference.
  • How to use focus management to get others to dial in.
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