June Spotlight: Career Development

June 5, 2020

Each month, Soundview summarizes books that will help you strengthen your career skills. Here are a few noteworthy selections from our friends at Mango Publishing Group that you’ll definitely want to check out!

The Changemaker Mindset
How Innovation and Change Start with Inner Transformation

by Ilja Grzeskowitz

In The Changemaker Mindset, Ilja Grzeskowitz, states, “The most important success factor of the future will be a radical human changemaker mindset.” In this time of increasingly intense digitization of all areas of life, the return to personal relationships, team spirit, and the individual—with all their strengths and weaknesses—will be the most crucial success factor for the future.

KEY TOPIC AREAS: Purpose, Career Skills, Confidence

The High Achiever’s Guide
Transform Your Cussess Mindset and Begin the Quest to Fulfillment

by Maki Moussavi

The High Achiever’s Guide lays out a process for creating a new way of operating that you can use for the rest of your life to continue expanding and finding a holistic, redefined kind of success that has eluded you thus far. You’ll learn how to do this by examining how you got here, what drives you, how you hold yourself back, and what it takes to define your new vision for life by facing fear, using your voice, trusting your instincts, and committing to a new way of being.

KEY TOPIC AREAS: Motivation, Engagement, Entrepreneurship

Your Goal Guide
A Roadmap for Setting, Planning and Achieving Your Goals

by Debra Eckerling

What stops you from achieving your goals? Not enough time? Not enough motivation? Not a clue as to what you want to do? You’re not alone. Over the years, author Debra Eckerling has helped people around the world set and achieve goals through strategizing, troubleshooting and offering resources, encouragement, and deadlines. In Your Goal Guide, she shares her method with readers to figure out what they want and how to develop a plan to get it.

KEY TOPIC AREAS: Personal Growth, Goals, Stress

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