Harnessing the Power of Emotions to Fuel Extraordinary Performance

May 23, 2019

Great team results depend on tapping the incredible power of emotion. Negative feelings such as fear, anger and frustration can inhibit a group’s performance. The most optimal emotions stimulate team innovation and productivity because they enhance such competencies as quickness, flexibility, resilience and the ability to deal with complexity. Your team’s bottom-line performance depends on creating a work environment that respects and taps into the primal force that Mother Nature has hardwired into our brains: emotion.

You can’t reason away or ‘fix’ emotional states with rational thinking. You must deal with them directly. Primal Teams applies the latest principles of team psychology to the workplace, explaining how creating peak emotions naturally ignites team performances that transcend the talent and skills of your individual performers.

Drawing on the cutting-edge work of leading neuroscientists, Primal Teams provides practical tips and techniques to help you get measurably better results by generating optimal emotions in your team.

Primal Teams will show you how to:

  • Tap into the energy and clarity that optimal emotions naturally generate.
  • Facilitate deep emotional bonds and incredible team spirit within your group.
  • Manage your team’s emotional dynamic in such a way that leads to expanded creative thinking, deeper inspiration, accuracy of intuition and higher motivation.
  • Prevent fear and negativity from thwarting your team’s performance.
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