Does Your Organization Focus On What Matters Most?

September 16, 2019

Most organizations today are driven by a “soft” approach to leadership, using democratic methods such as consensus, negotiation, and compromise. The problem is, it doesn’t work. In The Power of Mandate, authors Scott Stawski and Jimmy Brown show that the most radically successful companies are the ones that defy groupthink and break the mold, The most successful businesses are those whose leaders epitomize mandate-driven leadership to create or redefine entire industries.

The book explains the basic principles and philosophy of mandate-driven leadership, including creative disruption and sheer willpower, to implement a vision and strategy. Compelling examples of legendary leaders also show mandate driven leadership in action––how strong leaders turn a vision into reality. This is how leaders like you can learn from the greatest minds of our time, to forge your own unique path to the future.

The Power of Mandate will shatter your preconceptions about innovation and alter the way you think about leading. It’s a must-read for all leaders in the age of disruption.

Let The Power of Mandate show you:

  • The key theme for developing effective leaders.
  • The many downsides of consensus leadership.
  • The 3 essential characteristics of Mandate Driven Leaders.
  • How to create a Mandate Driven Culture.
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