Cultivate Creativity in the Workplace

December 8, 2020

Too many people associate creativity solely with the arts, but being an incredible entrepreneur, scientist, or engineer requires immense creativity. And it’s the key to developing breakthrough products and services.

2020 Best Book

In The Creativity Leap, Natalie Nixon argues that since humans are hardwired to be creative, it is a competency anyone can develop. She shows that creativity balances wonder with rigor and that inquiry, improvisation, and intuition are the key practices that increase those capacities.

Combining creativity tools and techniques with real-world stories of innovative people and businesses, Nixon offers a provocation, an inspiration, and an invitation to unleash the innate creativity that lies within each of us. She offers a more dynamic and integrative way to adapt and innovate, one that allows us the freedom to access our full human selves. Let The Creativity Leap show you how creativity can manifest in your work––and help you develop the tools to unlock creativity in yourself and your organization.

In the Soundview Summary of The Creativity Leap, you will learn:

  • Why creativity––and not just innovation––matters.
  • What the 3iCreativity™ model is.
  • How to harness wonder and rigor in your creative process.
  • How to increase your creativity quotient (CQ).
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