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    The Adversity Advantage

    The Adversity Advantage

    The Adversity Advantage

    Turning Everyday Struggles Into Everyday Greatness

    by Paul Stoltz & Erik Weihenmayer

    In The Adversity Advantage, authors Paul Stoltz and Erik Weihenmayer offer proven principles and practical tools that teach you how to use adversity as a force for superior achievement, resilience, agility, innovation, energy and happiness. These two adversity experts have developed seven guiding principles to teach you how to transform adversity into your most powerful advantage. This summary will show you how to pinpoint and bolster your adversity strengths in order to bring out your best when you need it most — under pressure.

    What You'll Learn

    In this summary of The Adversity Advantage, you will learn:

    • Where you fit on the Adversity Continuum.
    • The key differences between regular strengths and adversity strengths.
    • How to engage your CORE to meet everyday and major challenges.
    • How to "pack light and pack right" in order to take advantage of the adversities that come your way.
    • Why you must devise Signature Systems to help you meet your Summit Challenge.
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