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    The Surprising Truth About the Power of Now

    by Max McKeown

    We live in the present but carry the anxieties of the past and concerns of the future with us at all times. Yet, you can only directly think, do or change anything at the point of now. Realizing this, you can learn to transform your life with every moment. #NOW helps you to embrace the fullness of everyday life. It encourages you to move beyond surviving, or coping, to joyfully and effortlessly live in harmony with the demands of your work-life balance. Instead of passively hiding or becoming overwhelmed, you can actively leap into the best that life has to offer. Discover the power of your #NOW that enables you to take action, make decisions fast and effectively, and enjoy the moment while creating a successful and happy future.

    What You'll Learn

    • Why impulsiveness can be highly functional and advantageous.
    • Why Nowists love uncertainty and don’t regret missed opportunities.
    • Understand the deep relationship among action, movement and joy in the Nowist mindset.
    • Recognize and adopt goals that allow you to think and live as a Nowist.
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