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    Now, Build a Great Business!

    Now, Build a Great Business!

    Now, Build a Great Business!

    7 Ways to Maximize Your Profits in Any Market

    by Mark Thompson & Brian Tracy

    Now, Build a Great Business! is an essential success kit from business heavyweights and acclaimed authors Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy. It is filled with straightforward, powerful strategies to ignite growth in your business and is packed with insights from face-to-face interviews with world-class business leaders. This executive summary offers practical steps that you can take away immediately and clear-cut strategies for moving your business forward.

    What You'll Learn

    In this summary of Now, Build a Great Business!, you will learn:

    • How to become a great leader — and get extraordinary results from everyone around you.
    • How to develop a great business plan — and structure your company to maximize every resource.
    • How to surround yourself with great people who are motivated to give their best.
    • How to offer a great product or service — identifying exactly what your market needs.
    • How to design a great marketing plan — and position your business as the preeminent provider.
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