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    How to Get Everything You Want - Faster than You Ever Thought Possible

    by Brian Tracy

    Prolific author, speaker and sales trainer, Tracy offers specific advice to help executives and others achieve their personal and workplace goals. Clarifying your values and finding your “major definite purpose” is a key step. Tracy also identifies the self-imposed barriers that so many people put between themselves and their goals.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to unlock your potential, take charge, and create your own future by setting goals for the things you want out of life, and creating a plan to achieve those goals.
    • How to use vision, or future orientation, to determine where you?ll be in the future, and how you will get there. By imagining the ideal future, you can set yourself on the path to making it happen.
    • How to clarify your values and determine your major definite purpose - the quantifiable, measurable, achievable goal that is most important to you right now.
    • How to eliminate the limiting beliefs about yourself that are holding you back from achieving all you can achieve.
    • How to measure your progress, every step of the way, as you push forward toward reaching your goals.
    • How to maintain the fire and passion you feel for achieving your goals, by building momentum and persisting every day until that which you desire is yours.

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