Rob-Jan de Jong

Rob-Jan de Jong is an international speaker, writer and consultant on strategy and leadership themes. He serves as an expert lecturer at various leading business schools such as the Wharton Business School (USA), Thunderbird School of Global Management (USA), Nyenrode Business University (The Netherlands), and Sabanci Business University (Turkey).

As a behavioral strategist, he speaks, teaches and consults on executive subjects such as visionary leadership, influence, strategic decision-making, and innovation. He is primarily interested in the interaction between strategic subjects and the human, psychological factors at play in the strategy process. Pivotal leadership themes such as vision, persuasion, decision-making and engagement do not merely follow from rational arguments, but are strongly influenced by social, psychological, and moral factors. A solid understanding of these aspects and the way they interact is therefore key to successful leadership.

In his speaking, writing and teaching work, Rob-Jan draws on these various disciplines in order to arrive at new and insightful perspectives on successful leadership.

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