Derek Gatehouse

For 30 years, Derek Gatehouse has been on a mission: A mission to uncover how some people are able to sell so much more than all their peers despite having had no training, and often no sales experience; a mission to understand how much impact sales training really has — on what type of person and under what conditions; and ultimately, a quest for a reliable system — where any owner or executive can learn how to assemble a sales force of top producers for their type of sale.

Gatehouse began his sales career in 1975 and has since sold all types of products, services, tangibles, intangibles, benefits and concepts. He has sold to maintenance managers and to CEOs of Fortune 100 companies. He has managed sales teams both as a sales manager and a VP of sales, in startups, in the mid-market and in billion-dollar multinationals. He has worked with almost every available personality profiling tool, management system and sales training available today.

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