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If I subscribe, how long do I have access to my summaries and other content?

All content that is delivered to a subscriber’s Online Library as part of their subscription will be archived and accessible to that subscriber as long as he/she maintains an active subscription to our publication. After a subscription expires, the subscriber can restore the content in their library by simply subscribing to our publication once again.

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In what formats are the summaries published?

PDF – This is the ideal format to use if you want to print out your summaries. It's also a good format to use when viewing the summaries on your computer or eReader.

MP3 – This is the audio version of the summary. This version is great for listening to summaries in your car or on your iPod.
EPUB – Use this format with eReaders like the Sony Reader, Nook, and iPad.
KINDLE – A .mobi format for use with the Amazon Kindle.
MOBILE – This is a PDF that has been optimized to be viewed on BlackBerrys, Android Phones, iPhones, and the iPod Touch.

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How are the summaries delivered to me?

We notify subscribers by email each month when new content has been delivered to yourLibrary. You can also access your summaries and other content at any time by clicking on the 'My Library' tab that appears on most pages of our website.

Each summary that has been delivered to you appears in your personal Online Library, and can be opened in a variety of formats. You can then print the summary, read it on screen, listen to it, save it, or download it to your mobile device. As long as your subscription hasn't expired, the summary files always remain in your Library for future access.

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Are my book summary files secured in any way?

Yes, they are secured by the username and password that is required to gain access to your Library. In addition, our summaries are copyrighted in the same way as the print summaries, so when subscribing, you agree to abide by copyright law just as you would when downloading software.

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Can I purchase back-issues or additional copies of summaries?

Absolutely! Our Summary Archive contains a list of all available back-issues.

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Can I choose the books I would like summaries of?

Not at this time. A Soundview subscription provides summaries of what our editors believe to be the top 36 business books of the year. Those 36 summaries cover many different subject areas; from strategic management to technology and the Internet, and from marketing and customer service to leadership. We offer something for everyone!

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When will my summaries be delivered to me?

New summaries are typically available in your Library by the middle of each month. We then notify you by email sometime soon thereafter with direct links to the newest content.

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Can I print out and photocopy my summaries for distribution?

No. Our copyright does not allow for this type of reproduction, and you agree not to do this when you subscribe to our publication. However, you can purchase multiple copies of a summary to distribute, either in hard-copy or digital form.

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I need help using my Online Library.

All aspects of using your Online Library from browser-related issues to device-related problems are addressed in our Library Help Section.

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