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  • Public Speaking is Public Being

    What does improving your public speaking really mean? Does it mean you’ll make more sales? Convince people to see things your way? Those are just effects. The purpose of mastering public speaking is much broader— it’s about taking control of your own voice and making what you think and feel on the inside clearer and […]

  • How to Impress Your Audience

    In this issue of Executive Edge, the emphasis is how to impress an audience by delivering a presentation that gets people to listen, keeps them listening and encourages them to take action. There is an art to communicating to a group and a science as well. Learn what you can do to prepare for a […]

  • How To Be An Engaging Speaker

    Great speakers keep people’s attention by delivering expertly planned presentations. Without capturing the interest of your audience right from the start and knowing how to sustain that interest, your opportunity to influence your audience will be lost. In this Executive Edge, you will learn how to engage people in your presentations and conversations and become […]

  • Learn the Art of Storytelling

    Many of today’s top business leaders have arrived at the highest levels of their companies in part because they are talented communicators. Speaking confidently and effectively to an audience is a critical professional skill to master at any level, and good storytelling has become recognized as a key component. This Executive Edge looks at how […]

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