The Mindset to Face Career Change

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If you’ve ever desired a career change, it can evoke a mix of excitement and frustration. But change doesn’t have to be terrifying or depressing. It can present an opportunity for something better if you approach it with a positive mindset. In this month’s Edge, we explore three authors and their systems for handling such change. In Happen to Your Career: An Unconventional Approach to Career Change and Meaningful Work, Scott Anthony Barlow guides readers in discovering a career that best fits them and creating a plan to achieve it. In The Job Innerview: A Guide to How to Mindfully Prepare For Your Job Interview, Y. Pal shares techniques for preparing oneself for a new job interview. Additionally, Robert L. Leahy’s book, Keeping Your Head After Losing Your Job, showcases how he has assisted numerous clients in maintaining a more positive outlook during the transitional period between work.

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