Freedom to Face the Finances

# 7min

Life is full of uncertainty and what-ifs. Our everyday unknowns can lead to fear when thinking about our finances. You might have a facade of confidence, but allowing yourself to be genuinely vulnerable about your anxiety and seeking help can be hard. Especially if you aren’t sure where to look, what questions to ask, or how to reach the goals you are passionate about. In order to do any of that, though, you need to stop and look inside yourself to know what you ultimately want. In this month’s Edge, we explore three authors and their solutions to the problems that many people face through the books, Mastering Your Money: A Guide to Financial Literacy by Carter Herrold, Wealth Your Way: A Simple Path to Financial Freedom, by Cosmo P. DeStefano, and The Humanity Factor: A Heart-Driven Approach to Your Finances and Your Future by Frank J. Legan.

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