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January 14, 2020

The shared economy is the future, but it introduces business challenges never before faced: How do you serve a broad range of customers across varying geographies through a distributed network of partners?

In The Airbnb Way, author Joseph Michelli describes how innovative leaders have managed to build a unique brand by inspiring and engaging a community of hospitality entrepreneurs―a feat unparalleled in the shared economy. Michelli shares five essential concepts that underpin outstanding Airbnb experiences:

  1. Belonging
  2. Trust
  3. Hospitality
  4. Empowerment
  5. Community

These principles apply not just to businesses in the sharing economy but to any business that wants to deliver technology-aided, human-powered experiences, disrupt an established industry, retain strong market position, or improve sales or service. By creating and leveraging world-class customer experiences in the shared economy, Airbnb has achieved all of these goals and more. Let The Airbnb Way show you how to leverage the five principles for your business.

Let The Airbnb Way show you:

  • How to understand and apply the five concepts to your organization.
  • Airbnb’s internal strategies and practices that drive customer engagement and loyalty.
  • The proven principles for engaging and inspiring all stakeholders, including those who share resources and services.
  • Inspiring stories of hosts who have mastered the five concepts.
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