Up Your Social Marketing Game by Understanding Psychology

March 25, 2021

Why do people act differently in various online spaces, and what do they seek from participating in each one? In The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks, author Joe Federer draws on evolutionary biology, anthropology, neuroanatomy, psychology, and extensive hands-on experience to answer these questions.

2021 Best Book

Federer shows how the internet is a digital reflection of the collective human psyche and how different social networks correspond to different mindsets. In the same way you behave differently when you’re home alone, out with friends, or interacting with co-workers, people act and express themselves differently in various online spaces. Context matters. Understanding this allows you to execute effective engagement strategies to reach your target audiences on each social network.

Fascinating and deeply compelling, The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks will help you to make more efficient use of your media buys, establish more thoughtful strategies, develop better creative material, and deliver more effective marketing.

In the Soundview Summary of The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks, you will learn:

  • How to create content that drives sharing and word of mouth.
  • How brands can fit into different types of social channels.
  • Strategies and lessons for building a social strategy.
  • Inspiring stories of companies balancing social presence across networks.
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