The All-in-One Guide for Becoming a Great Leader

June 22, 2020

Every year, millions of top performers are promoted to management-level jobs––only to discover that the tactics that got them promoted are not the tactics that will make them effective in their new role. In Welcome to Management, Ryan Hawk provides practical, actionable advice and tools designed to ensure that transition is a successful one.

2020 Best Book

Hawk presents a new three-part framework distilled from best practices drawn from in-depth interviews with over 300 of the most forward-thinking leaders around the world, as well as his own professional experience going from exceptional individual producer to new leader.

Offering valuable research and powerful, practical strategies, Welcome to Management will help high performers make the leap from individual contributor to manager with greater ease, grace, courage, and effectiveness. Welcome to management!

In the Soundview Summary of Welcome to Management, you will learn:

  • The 3 key steps for becoming an effective manager.
  • Why managers must first lead themselves before leading others.
  • The importance of trust, vulnerability, and ownership in company culture.
  • Why managers must lead, manage, and coach to be excellent and achieve results.
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