Launch New Initatives & Inspire Others

August 19, 2020

Many leaders see their roles as presiders/managers, with a primary focus on keeping results consistent with past performance and on budget. These kinds of leaders make important contributions but rarely leave a mark on the businesses they serve.

For those wanting to make a lasting impact, new skills are required. They need to learn to launch new initiatives, inspire others, and champion innovative approaches. In Entrepreneurial Leadership, Joel Peterson calls these higher-level leaders “entrepreneurial leaders,” and they create durable enterprises that deliver on their promise.

Peterson lays out a path to achieving this leadership, with a series of maps organized around four core philosophies: establishing trust, creating a sense of mission, building a cohesive team, and executing and delivering results. While easy to summarize, these concepts can be difficult to implement. Let Entrepreneurial Leadership guide you on your journey.

In the Soundview Summary of Entrepreneurial Leadership, you will learn:

  • What distinguishes entrepreneurial leaders from entrepreneurs, managers, presiders, and administrators.
  • To build trust by assessing your values and building your personal brand.
  • To set MAD goals to fulfill your mission.
  • Strategies to secure a great team and deliver results.


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