Get High Performance from Your Hybrid Team

February 1, 2022

The global pandemic ushered in a new reality of remote work––a trend that’s likely here to stay. Work From Anywhere delivers practical strategies on developing a high-performing team and business in a remote, distributed environment. Accomplished authors, behavioral experts, and fast-growth business leaders Alison Hill and Darren Hill show you how to create these strategies to bring out the best in your hybrid and remote team members, by focusing on both performance and people.

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You’ll learn the unique psychology, methodology, and technology that make hybrid teams excel, and how to foster high performance across your team, no matter where they’re located.

Working from anywhere is no longer just an HR conversation; it’s an executive conversation. Perfect for business leaders working with hybrid teams, Work from Anywhere is also ideal for organizational development executives, cultural transition leaders, business leaders, and entrepreneurs who are responsible for ensuring that employees consistently perform at their best, regardless of location.

In the Soundview Summary of Work From Anywhere, you will learn:

  • Why working from anywhere (WFA) is not just necessary but desirable.
  • The three pillars of performance, culture, and autonomy as the key to mastering WFA.
  • Great strategies to change the way your team thinks, connects, and works.
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